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Decorating the Bedroom

Tuesday, August 10, 2010
posted by SleepingInLuxury

blush-chocolate-bloomingdale-bedin-a-bagYou have decided to decorate your bedroom with fresh new paint and wall treatments. Now you want to match your bed linens to your wall decorating. Some times it’s a real pain to get all your linens décor color to match each other. This is why a lot of people are turning to buy a bed in a bag. They contain everything you need for a bed, from pillowcases and shams to sheets and comforter. It is all in one bag and all color coordinated.
You have no worries when you buy a full bag of everything. You’ll get all the items coordinated, complete with patterns that work together. It helps you to create the perfect look, a room pulled together with everything matching nicely.
A bed in a bag usually comes with around seven pieces in the bag. This will include everything need to create the perfect setting. Twin bed sets will come with one less piece some times, since you may not need the same type of set.
If you have not yet started to decorate you will be able to base your entire décor around one of these handy bed sets. With everything included, you have it all to set a color theme for the entire room. Pick lighter colors to paint the walls and use the other colors as accents. This makes it so easy to do a room up in matching colors.
This is often a cheaper way to purchase by buying it all in one, then trying to picking up individual items and matching trying to match the colors. Bed in a bag is very affordable priced and makes a great gift. Check out for all you bedroom linens.

Creating a Matching Bedroom Set

Wednesday, May 12, 2010
posted by SleepingInLuxury

luxury-duvet-coversIf you’re interested in adding a bit of style to your bedroom, consider revising your bedding and bedroom furniture to match. Though furniture is a bit more expensive to replace, it’s easy to dress up your bedding to match your furniture through use of luxury duvet covers and pillowcases. For example, you might consider bedding with more earthy tones like green, taupe, crimson, or orange for more rustic beds. If your bedroom is comprised of more contemporary metal furniture, think bold tones like blue, black, or even purple.

If you have a mix of furniture in your bedroom, you might consider updating it if that’s an affordable option, or repaint and refinish it instead. If you can’t do any of the above, use the bed as the central focus and build the theme of the room around it. Through doing this you can create a stylistic space that you will love to return to after a hard day.

Your Personal Space Your Bedroom

Monday, April 12, 2010
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blush-chocolate-bloomingdale-bedin-a-bagNow that spring is here with nice warm weather it time to shed the dark colors from our bed and make it our new personal luxury space. We spend one third of our time sleeping, so let’s make our bed as comfortable as we can.

 When we talk about is everything from the sheets to the quilt on the top of the bed. Sheets are categorized by there thread count. The more thread count the softer they become. Average sheets are around a 90 thread count which makes them nice, but for luxurious sheets you look at a 300 thread count. The higher the count the more expensive sheets become.

Pick out the highest thread count bedding set you can afford. Next is the comforter on your bed.  There are a few options to choose from. You could choose wool, silk down feathers or synthetic polyester. If some one suffer from allergies check the labels of any linens to see if it is hypoallergenic. One of the bedding sets you could conceder is a luxury bed in a bag with all your linens matching is color and pattern. You could add a nice throw cover to the bottom of your bed using an accent color to your sheets and comforter.

 Now to finish of your bed to look luxurious lets add different sizes and shapes of pillows on the top of the bed.  Don’t forget to choose colors to match your bedding. Add two large pillows at the top of your bed agents the head board to give a felling of depth. You have now made your room and bed look like it was done by a designer.

 Making your bedroom the most wonderful luxury space is done just by you choosing the right bedding set that you love.

Luxury Bed Linens

Monday, February 15, 2010
posted by SleepingInLuxury

gold-duvetBy Anthony J Davis

What defines luxury? For everything, there is a different answer, and it’s not always clear cut. In fact, many times, luxury is different for different people. In a car, some people feel luxury is simply big, soft seats. Some people have to have a lot power at their disposal. Others want a lot of high tech gadgets. Many people feel that a luxury car is a combination of all these factors. So what is luxury bedding?

What Is A Duvet?

The traditional stuffing for the duvet is down from the Eider Duck, called Eiderdown. The duvet was not invented with luxury in mind, but rather to keep warm using something nearby. Now that duvets can be found all over the world, those still made with Eiderdown definitely fall under the category of luxurious bedding. A duvet covers generally replaces comforters and blankets, and is then itself covered since the Eiderdown is difficult to clean.

What Makes Luxury Bed Sheets?

Bed sheets are normal, but not all are luxury bed sheets. There are several different ways to measure quality in bed sheets, though only a few are used everywhere. This is thread count, as well as the threads’ country of origin. Choosing your luxury bedding should involve more research than just those terms, but they’re the two you’ll see most often advertised. The best, softest luxury bed linens don’t necessarily have the highest thread count, or come from Egypt.


Although sometimes marketed as a luxury bed linen all its own, it’s traditionally not. In fact, this French word actually means “padded”. When referring to luxury bedding sets, it generally means a hand quilted, thick luxury bed linen which, ironically, has no padding within it at all. Sometimes there are designs quilted into the linen, but sometimes it’s just a generic quilted pattern. They’re usually 100% cotton, though some Matelass is made of other things.


For the most part, the coverlet is purely decorative, and often sits atop a duvet or other thick covers. Besides being used on a luxury bed, the coverlet can also be found being used a throw blanket, or even a picnic blanket. They are generally quite thin, and are rarely suitable for keeping warm. Although coverlets have been around for a while, they have been largely replaced by duvet covers in most luxury bedding ensembles. The coverlet is still used by some, though, and can be found in a wide variety of designs and patterns. They can be purchased individually, or found in a luxury bedding set.

Shopping For Bedding – 10 Tips-Part Two

Thursday, December 10, 2009
posted by SleepingInLuxury

blush-chocolate-bloomingdale-bedin-a-bagBy: Barb Pattison
Here are the final five tips in shopping for bedding. Hope this will help when shopping for your next bedding
6. Price – What is a good price and what is “cheap”?
Bedding is sold in all kinds of different packages. You can buy each piece separately or you can buy sets. Prices range for sizes, qualities, fabrics, etc. As an example, finding a new Queen Size Bed in a Bag set for under $50 is probably a “cheap” set. (It will wear out quickly). However, finding a new Queen Size Sheet set for around $50 is not unheard of.
7. Bed in a Bag – Is this a good choice?
Bed in a Bag sets are wonderful choices if you want to make things easy on yourself and save money. Bed in a Bag sets generally include the matching sheets, comforter or duvet cover, pillow cases, and pillow shams. Some also include a bed skirt and curtains. It is so nice to open one bag and have everything you need in it to do the whole room!
Not only that, but many duvet cover bed in a bag sets have a reversible duvet cover. You get a “deal” with a bed in a bag set because the items would be more expensive if purchased separately but also, it’s like getting two sets in one! Simply flip the duvet over for a whole new look. (Also, duvet covers are much easier to launder than comforters are.)
8. Warmth – How warm do you and/or your partner sleep?
My husband and I tend to “sleep warm”. I always keep this in mind when shopping for bedding. When given the choice of warmth, I choose a cooler cover. Being too warm while sleeping is just as uncomfortable as being too cold. Having to flip the covers off in the middle of the night interrupts the sleep cycle.
Especially when choosing a duvet or comforter, choosing how warm you like to be is important. Generally when two people share a bed they produce double the body heat. When one person sleeps alone, they may need warmer covers.
9. Mood – What mood do you want to set?
Do you want your bedroom to have a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere? Do you like it to be romantic? Do you want to express your vibrant personality? Choosing the mood you want in your bedroom will help you choose the style of bedding that will make you happy.
10. Accessories – Minimal or lots?
Do you like a lot of pillows on the bed? Do you like stuffed animals or other accessories on it? What about when you sleep in the bed? Do you want to take the time to remove a bunch of accessories before getting in? Or would you rather keep it minimal and just slip into bed without having to remove a bunch of stuff each night? Remember, the easier it is to make your bed in the morning, the more likely it is you will do it.
Again, this is a personal choice.
Keeping these things in mind while shopping for bedding will make the choice much easier for you and you will be happier with the end result that suits your lifestyle and personal choices.

Renting a Houseboat

Thursday, September 10, 2009
posted by SleepingInLuxury

boathouseRenting a houseboat is an incredibly popular activity.  Cruising atop of the clear blue waters Relaxing in the warm sunshine of summer.

Renting a houseboat for a romantic holiday for two or family vacation, maybe with friends for a weekend getaway this is the best way to find out if owning a boat is in your future. We rented a houseboat with another couple to see if we like being on the water. We were hook after that weekend and been boating ever since. Today that is how we enjoy our summers.

Most rentals provide all the dishes and cutlery along with cooking utensils.

You will have to bring your own bath towels, sheets sets, pillows and your blanket if it gets cool at night. Too make it light on packing for your boat trip buy yourself a bed-in-a-bag it has all you need to make your bed. When your trip is over you can pack it up in the bag to take home.

There are many places in the United States and Canada that have houseboat rentals.  The next time you are looking for a new way to spend a summer holiday look into renting a houseboat its fun and relaxing.

Ideas for a Teenage Boys Bedroom

Monday, July 6, 2009
posted by SleepingInLuxury

images   When your little boy becomes a teenager this will be the time for a bedroom make over. The décor for the room will depend on the teen in question. There will be many things to conceder before you start.

The first is there a theme that you teenage boy would like to have. Get them involved with the decorating picking out colors and if they play sports or watch sports what would they like in their room. Wall art is a great way to decorate a wall especially if they like sports or music. If you’re teen plays sport and have trophies to show off adding some modern shelving to display them.

When it comes to the bedding part look for a theme in what your ten has pick out for his room. Look for a bed-in-a-bag that comes with sheets pillow cases and a comforter that all match. Then you can also go with different solid color to enhance the design of the room.

We must not forget to include a study area for your teen. There are many styles of tables to choose from that will suit your particular teens study needs.

Make sure that you get your teenage boy involve with the ideas allowing them to have a say as to colors themes and designs as well as the kind of furniture they would like.

Preparing for Unexpected Relatives

Monday, July 6, 2009
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We all have those relatives that just love to drop by unexpectedly. And this can be fun and exciting, but it can also be a huge imposition. After all, many people like to have their house spotless before they let anyone outside the immediate family see it. This is a big part of why these relatives who give twenty minutes of notice before showing up at your doorstep can be a somewhat stressful aspect of your life.

But you can remove some of that stress by always having a luxury bed in a bag at your disposal. In this way, you can have all the high quality, matching bedding you need in one set. This means your average guest room can be easily and quickly converted into a luxurious and aesthetically pleasing guest room in a matter of minutes. Having these sets always on hand can definitely be a big time saver and a big headache reducer.

Mini Make Over

Tuesday, June 23, 2009
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lt-blue-down-alternative-bed-in-a-bag-100-egyptian-cotton-600-thread-countSome fabric and paint is all you need to turn ugly furnishings and unfinished pieces into stylish beauties. Treat a ho-hum headboard with a dashing slipcover. Wrapping with foam and batting and slip it into a comfortable canvas cover gives it a plush new look. Putting a pretty ruffle made from inexpensive ticking stripe adds feminine flair.

Coordinating the bed ensemble with a matching striped luxury bed in a bag adds a breath of fresh air to a new bedroom with a mini make over. Add a couple of throw pillows and we have turned our bedroom into a stylish beauty.

Decorating the Bedroom

Wednesday, May 27, 2009
posted by SleepingInLuxury


lt-blue-down-alternative-bed-in-a-bag-100-egyptian-cotton-600-thread-countOur bedroom is well know as our place dedicated to relaxing, romancing, sleeping, and

dreaming in. We use it as our getaway from everyday chores. When it comes time to decorating the bedroom with a few tricks of the trade you can make your bedroom look new with out the pricey total room redo.

The color décor of your room can match your bed linens if you so desire to shop for them firsts. The hunt may just be the beginning if your taste is more discerning than a cookie cutter “bed-in-a-bag”. When buying everything in a bag you can have all your pillows and comforters and bed skirts to match. Bed sheets come in a ray of many solid colors that will be easily matched to your bed-in-a-bag. Picking a color from your linen decor to freshen up your walls will create a bedroom that reflects your style.

After you finish decorating the bedroom it will become your own personal space to relax in.