Who Invented Fitted Sheets

Thursday, June 11, 2009
posted by SleepingInLuxury

t300-twin-size-stripe-100-egyptian-cotton-sheet-setFitted sheets were made with elastic corners to fit over a mattress at all four corner preventing the sheet from slipping off when you laid down on the bed at night.
The fitted sheet was invented by a lady by the name Giselle Jubinville, a Canadian from Alberta Canada. This housewife Giselle Jubinville was fed -up with sheets that would not stay in place so she set out to design a better fitted sheet. Sewing day and night for months on end she tried hundreds of designs. Everyone told her that she was wasting her time that you can’t patent a sheet. But she never gave up and she kept sewing in a corner of her bedroom all night.
The perfect design came to her in a dream. Stitching the corner at just the right angle and using more fabric, she was able to make deeper pockets. This helps the sheet to stay in place on the mattress.
It took Giselle 4 years to sell her design. In Washington, D.C. the patent office turn her down three times. They told her that there was 100, patent ways to sewing sheet corners so they didn’t agree that hers was new. Giselle took her design to Washington herself to show them in person. After the patent examiner had been shown the design he agreed it was new, and awarded a patent.
The next step was to go to the two largest Canadian sheet manufacturers, but both companies were not a bit interested in purchasing her design. Giselle tried Springs Industries in the U.S., they purchased her patent for a $1million plus.
Now Giselle Jubinville and her family are enjoying the results of her ‘foolish’ Idea.
We all get the pleasure of having fitted sheets that won’t slide off the bed. Fitted sheets come in many different sizes starting from twin sheet sets up to king size.

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